Bone Jewelry

Jewelry has been known as a gesture of gifting as well as an important part of human cultures for decades. One of the beautiful ornaments created by man is bone jewelry. The eco-friendly nature of bone jewelry with the striking array of stunning designs, this jewelry has been favored by many people. Bone jewelry is also pocket-friendly hence, people from any background can buy it easily.

The making of bone jewelry

We have the team of experienced craftsmen. They know how to make best piece of jewelry from the bone. Because of its delicate nature, it is crafted by hands by the use of the latest equipment. Also, some pieces are lacquered and hand painted for better protection. A great amount of effort is involved in the making of intricate pieces. The initial process starts simply by utilizing raw material into a workable material. However, because of the use of dangerous chemicals, serious caution is needed for processing it. From the cleaning process of bones to carving them into a desirable shape, diligent effort and a lot of time are demanded the whole procedure.


We offered the enormous amount of variety is available in bone jewelry with the combination of diverse materials such as beads, stones, natural feathers, wood, shells, glass beads, and oxidized metals. Organic jewelry makes use of materials like walrus tooth or tusk, stingray spines, moose or deer antlers, shells of aquatic animals and porcupine quills. Horn plugs of water buffalo include hollow and plain solid plugs, spirals, bone dust inlay, horn with silver caps; antler, mammoth ivory plugs or white bone.

The scenario of the modern age

Bone jewelry is becoming very popular in tribal areas due to its sophisticated designs and use of innovative materials. The use of shells, glass beads, and bones in necklaces give a pleasing appeal in both contemporary and traditional designs. A vast range of variety is available at our outlets for present day based on people's preferences that include bangles, necklaces, pendants, carved jewelry boxes, cuff bracelets, photo frames, etc.


Many innovative designs have emerged since the past years and variation has been appreciated by many. We always try to introduce latest and unique design in the market. Earrings, head ornaments, belts, and chokers are immensely eye-catching. Various horn shapes include omega, Java-style hoops, wicked spirals, upside-down U's, inlaid nail heads, etc.


Contemporary and modern designs for younger and teens include pinchers, labrets, straight septum spikes, and curved septum tusks. There are also other accessories available at our shop that include amber, shell, stone inlay plugs and opal, etc.

The material used to turn bones into jewelry

The material depends upon what kind of things are to be made with them. Some bones are suitable for wire wrapping while others are good for encrusting pyrite onto them.  To make designs on bones for jewelry, the wire used consists of copper or brass. Also, pyrite with adhesive is used to encrust the bone and make designs on them.

Suitability for all customers

Some specific bone jewelry materials might be allergic to some people. For instance, jewelry that makes use of alloys can cause allergies. However, if the bone jewelry is bought from a reputable source, they assure using high-quality material and hence, you can prevent yourself from getting allergies. We focus on the quality of the material and have reputable suppliers for the raw materials.


Some beneficial maintenance tips can be taken into consideration to increase the durability and quality of bone jewelry.

  • When you are not using bone jewelry, it’s better to keep it into a soft pouch to maintain its quality.
  • it’s crucial to not apply perfume or other scents and hairsprays after wearing bone jewelry as these applications might stain the bone.
  • Soaking bone jewelry in water or its prolonged exposure to cold and heat might cause it to crack.
  • It’s always a good idea to wipe this jewelry with soft-cloth after using as natural oils of the skin might stain these pieces.