Wearing jewelry has been a symbol of prestige and is worn in ample varieties by ladies now-d-days. However, the emphasis on the importance of jewelry dates back over 100,000 years. It holds significant concern in anthropology as well as archeology since ancient times. Shell jewelry trend emerged from tropical destinations and has gained a massive level of appreciation around the world. The hidden pieces of gem found in sea and ocean have contributed enormously in making the neck, wrist, and ear look so chic. Majority of jewelry lovers are donning over the seashell jewelry trend and admiring different variations it offers. 

How are shell necklaces made?

Various shells are selected from the sea, oceans and the matching shells are separated to create a beautiful necklace piece embedded with symmetrical pieces of shell. We make use of best quality and most appealing seashells that include the shells of marine mollusks, puka shells, nacre (mother of pearl) and sea snails shells, etc. Numerous attractive and enchanting varieties of shells are accumulated and drilled to be hanged in a string of wire that makes a unique piece of necklace. To assist the shell properly hang on the cord, a jump ring is attached to each shell. It is then slid onto different pieces of chains, including metal chains.

Other decorations

Different embellishments are used including other jewels, beads, stones, and charms that add to the beauty of shell necklace. Various decorations are selected to complement the color, shape, and size of the shell along with the cord or wire used.

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