Wooden Jewelry

Women are obsessed with jewelry. They want to wear different types and designs of jewelry every day. Beautiful jewelry like wood jewelry enhances the appearance of the wearer. This type of jewelry is used by the models during their performances and by the judges as part of the judging criteria. They need to match with the clothes used by someone to avoid a lot of differences.

Wood necklace and wood earrings are a unique alternative to traditional metal rings. They are the ideal connection between natural and artificial, delicate and solid, smooth and earthy. They come in a variety of styles and designs, making them perfect for weddings gifts for men and women. Whether you are choosing a solid wood necklace or a combination of solid wood and different precious metals, wood jewelry is always the best type of jewelry to buy.

Why Choose Wooden Jewelry?

Wood jewelry is one of the most fashionable pieces to use. In addition to being ethical, sustainable and honest, wood jewelry looks original and will distinguish you from others. Here are some of the reasons to choose wood jewelry available at Gayona.

  • Creativity and contemporary

The world of ethnic wood jewelry has many expressions. Wood necklace, wood bracelets, wood earrings, and wood rings, wooden jewelry is actually inspired by wood.

  • Makes versatile jewelry

Natural wood, carved, polished or coated, is a gift of nature in different forms. This can be one of the reasons why it fits easily as a jewel. Light, thick, delicate and delicate wooden jewelry is never out of fashion.

  • Beneficial from a health point of view

Wooden jewelry is neither toxic nor chemical. Having wood close to the skin means that your skin absorbs what covers the surface of the wood. Craftsmen make the finest wood jewelry with materials and finishes that are free of chemicals and non-toxic. Something as beautiful as wooden jewelry should definitely add only good things to life, and never bad.

  • Make a statement

If you really want to make a scene with your jewelry, choose a good wood necklace. Wood jewelry is an excellent focal point and is always sure to get attention. You can make a statement with the beautiful wood jewelry available at Gayona.

  • Uniqueness

One of the best features of wood jewelry is uniqueness. Every piece of wood is unique, not only because it is handmade, but also because we work with wood, it is impossible to give two pieces an identical appearance. When buying wooden jewelry, although they may have the same production, the jewelry you buy will be made with different parts of the wood, which creates variations in color and grain.

  • Beautifully designed

Gayona Wood jewelry is designed beautifully as wood has its own unique pattern and designs. Wood jewelry is designed with an invisible rope or string. However, chains and metal beads are sometimes added to create different types of wood necklaces and wood earrings.

  • Can be customized

Wood jewelry can be customized as it is something that will appeal to manufacturers, retailers and jewelry enthusiasts. Personalized wood jewelry will be a perfect gift for anyone.

  • Make a statement

Recently, wood jewelry designs by Gayona have become very modern among young men and women. It offers men and women a good mix with comfortable clothes with artistic prints and bright colors. Women can mix and match the color of their ethnic wood jewelry with the designs of their clothes.

The opportunity to wear something unique, unusual and common adds a touch of sophistication and luxury to your wardrobe at the moment. Wood jewelry is always good for the environment, durable, strong and beautiful but wood is often ignored because it's difficult to be worn during the winter months only.  In addition to being unusual, wooden jewelry is also completely individualized thanks to the natural changes in the wood grains. No one else will have jewelry similar to yours.

At Gayona, we have a beautiful range of wood jewelry from a beautiful wood necklace to a wooden ring. Our jewelry designers work tirelessly to make new jewelry pieces that you will cherish forever.