The significance of wearing jewelry has been known for centuries and has always been an essential part of various cultures. With the innovations in jewelry designs and styles, people prefer unique pieces to complement their look. Shell jewelry has gained much popularity as this nostalgic trend has taken over the accessories market since long. Fashion girls and designers have been obsessed with the aesthetic aspect of shell jewelry. Shell jewelry is all about beautiful pieces of seashells and marine life. We provide a vast range of shell jewelry, including shell earrings, shell necklaces, bracelets, and much more.

How are shell earrings made?

Shell earrings are made by choosing from abundant collection of seashells including molluscan seashells, abalone, mother of pearl (freshwater mussel), puka shells and operculum, etc. The shells are then cleaned and made craft-ready to be used in making earring by our professionals. The shell is then strung on the ear wire precisely. Kidney wires are more preferable as they are comfortable and super easy to deal with. The shells are then slid on these wires with perfection.


To make these dazzling pair of earrings more enchanting, various kinds of embellishments are embedded in the wire along with shells such as gold and silver beads. This addition enhances the appealing look of shell earrings and gets attracted by shell jewelry lovers.

It's a great idea to use a little memento of beach in our everyday life, and this can't be done better than incorporating it in the form of unique pieces of jewelry. We have integrated the tiny seaside souvenirs into unique earrings pieces in various quirky and creative ways to meet up to your expectations. We provide high-quality shell earrings embellished with gold beads and other ornaments of your choice at affordable rates.