Shell Jewelry

Most people consider jewelry as a symbol of fashion ornament to accessorize and compliment their wardrobe. For others, jewelry is a way to express their artistic statement and define their personality. Jewelry has been considered a precious gift and can be worn to celebrate and commemorate a special occasion. Due to its various appealing outlook and other factors, a variety of shell jewelry has been available in current times for its popular demand. Shell jewelry is all about pretty looking pieces of the shells which are home to some marine life and seashells. They are relatively inexpensive and are available in various forms such as earrings; bracelets, and necklaces, etc. shell jewelry is available in many colors and hues that add to its attractiveness.

History and origin

The Philippines was a pioneer in storing the jewelry pieces in the boxes made of shell. They originated the concept of using and manufacturing products made of shells. Soon after, the trend of embellishing metal or wooden boxes with sea shells gained popularity in tropical areas and all over the world. The oldest form of shell jewelry was known as Nassarius Gibbosulus and was a two beaded necklace made of shells and was commonly found in Israel. However, different shapes, colors, and textures were experimented and evolved after much appreciation of this art.


A vast variety of shell jewelry is available at our online site, and every piece is unique in its way. One of the most commonly used shell for making jewelry pieces and boxes is a molluscan seashell. It resembles the precious pearl in many ways and is the most commercial form of a seashell. One of the most adorned shells is abalone because of its beauty and is derived from sea snails shell. It is most popular in Australia and New Zealand because of the abundance of sea snails. The operculum is a unique shell that produces an eye like a cabochon. One of the expensive variety of shell jewelry is made from ‘mother of pearl' that is derived from freshwater pearl mussel and pearl oysters. The beautiful outlook and enchanting iridescence can add a dreamy look to your attire instantly.

Elegance and style

Everyone adorns seashells as a jewelry accessory because of its uniqueness. Shell jewelry reflects the epitome of elegance and sophistication in addition to style along with intimation of peppiness. Whether you use shell jewelry for casual events or formal parties, these unique pieces will complement your look greatly. Jewelry box markets have been taken over by shell boxes commercially because of their unique textures and styles, And we have latest styles of shell jewelry. Shell jewelry is one of the chicest and stylish jewelry to carry and gives a very quirky cool.


In the past, only a specific form of shells was used to make jewelry as there were very limited varieties explored to be used as jewelry. In the present day, a huge variety and almost all kinds of shells found on seaside and beaches and used in jewelry making. We have done lots of experiments to provide  fancy look and adding ornate designs.  These include the use of gold, silver, marble stones and leather tassels, etc.

Global trend

Because of their affordable prices and cost-effective process, shell jewelry is in vogue all over the world. People found it very fascinating and use them as an alternative choice for silver, platinum, and gold’s. The addition of shell jewelry to your attire enhances the look of your regular outfit and is preferred by people due to its uniqueness and affordability.

Taking care of shell jewelry

Taking care of the delicate pieces of seashells is crucial. Some preventive measures to prevent your jewelry from staining and damage include:

  • Avoid to impact against hard surfaces and to bring it in contact with abrasive surfaces.
  • Don't take a shower or bath with your jewelry on. Bath and showers can be damaging to inlay jewelry and pearls.
  • Remove your jewelry before sleeping to avoid damaging its settings.

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